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Backseat Extender for Dogs - Standard Black - No Door Covers

Backseat Extender for Dogs - Standard Black - No Door Covers

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Universal Fit!

🐾 Introducing the Backseat Extender from APetsPlanet, a caring family-owned brand! - where luxury meets practicality for your four-legged travel companion! 🐾 Crafted with care and packed with features, our backseat extender is more than just a ride; it's a pup's personal oasis!

🐾 Imagine your furry friend basking in comfort, gazing out from the mesh window, taking in the world passing by. Buckle your dog in with our INCLUDED dog seat belt, safety is as paramount as style!

🐾 And the comforts continue! Extra cushioning ensures every ride is a plush, stress-free experience. No more fidgeting or squirming, just pure puppy bliss from start to finish.

🐾 But that's not all! We've added two storage pockets with Velcro lids, the perfect spot to stash your dog's goodies and keep those paws from prying. Snacks, toys, you name it - they're all safe and secure.

🐾 Rest easy knowing we've got you covered with our 100% waterproof and accident-proof material in the Backseat Extender. Just one wipe and the mess is cleaned! Your pup's comfort and your car's cleanliness are our top priorities! 🐾For added convenience, the panels are removable, making it a breeze to machine wash the cover. Keeping everything fresh and clean has never been easier! 🧼🚿🐾

🐾 And the cherry on top? We proudly present our lifetime warranty! That's right, this Backseat Extender is not just a purchase, it's an investment in a lifetime of tail-wagging adventures. Say goodbye to the hassle of replacements and hello to worry-free journeys. With our lifetime warranty, you'll never have to buy another one again! Your pup's comfort and joy are guaranteed for the long haul.

🐾 So why wait? Treat your travel companion to the ultimate experience in comfort, safety, and style. Grab the Backseat Extender today and set off on unforgettable adventures with your pup enjoying pure luxury and comfort! 🚗🐾

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Is it washable?

Yes! The panels are removable, so you can machine wash the cover!

What's the weight capacity?

Our Backseat Extenders hold 280lbs!

Will it work with captain seats?

Yes! It will work with captain seats and bridge the gab between the two seats.

Is there a warranty?

Yes! We offer a lifetime warranty. So you never have to worry about buying another one again!

Is it waterproof?

Yes! We use 100% waterproof materials to ensure all accidents, and messes don't leak onto your seats, just an easy wipe up and you're ready to go. Say hello to worry free adventures!

Can I buckle my dog in?

Yes! This backseat extender has seat belt slots, and comes with an included dog seat belt!

Does it work with bucket seats?

Yes! Our Backseat Extenders work great for vehicles with bucket seats.

Can I fold it for a car seat?

Yes! Our Backseat Extenders fold to accommodate a car seat, or backseat passenger.

Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews
Julie Sheldon
5 stars

Love the seat extender and the plush bed. Fits perfect and give both dogs so much more room!


Great product! As expected! Only issue my dog is having is the material is a little slippery


Love it definitely gives my 3 large dogs more room they are much happier and finally comfortable on long trips and short trips


It’s a wonderful and solid seat cover. My dog loves that she can get a bit closer to me while I drive.

More space for pups

So far so good! We started using the cover for our giant schnauzer and pitiful husky mix for couple of weeks ago. There is significant more space for them in our small car!