Our Story

Meet the Pack! The Paws Behind APetsPlanet

Inspired By Rescues!

Introducing the heart behind APetsPlanet - meet Gypsy, our free spirited German Shepherd, and Mufasa, our gentle giant Caucasian Shepherd! These two adorable souls are the inspiration that ignited our journey. We rescued our fur babies in hopes to rekindle adventure, and love back into their beautiful eyes! Once adopting, we decided to hit the road, to show them all the beautiful places we could!
After hitting the road Mufasa started getting car sick, and Gypsy battled with travel anxiety. Despite trying multiple seat covers, harnesses, and blankets, we realized our pups were just uncomfortable, and crammed in the backseat of our car. Which sparked our mission to create a product that would really help Gypsy and Mufasa's needs. 

The Backseat Extender
We knew our fur babies needed more room, better airflow, and space to sprawl out. After many trial and errors, we finally created the Backseat Extender! A seat cover, with a solid base. Who knew? Not only did they appreciate the extra space, Mufasa's car sickness was gone! Gypsy's anxiety was so much better.

But how?
We crafted our backseat extender with cushioned foam, waterproof material, and plywood in the base to extend the seats. This was the comfort, and space they needed to ease their travel worries! Our nifty mesh window allowed for that nice AC air to circulate to the back so they could breathe easier.
For the first time, both dogs slept soundly the entire drive! This was a major win! But we couldn't keep it to ourselves. We wanted to share this with every pup parent we could! Which is where APetsPlanet was born. 
Mufasa and Gypsy now eagerly anticipate car rides! Whether its to get a pup cup, adventuring, or just taking a nice Sunday drive, they wanna go!

APetsPlanet couldn't be without the support we receive from our customers! So THANK YOU for allowing a small, pet loving, family business like ours to keep doing what we love. We know how important your pets are to you, as they are to us! They are our life, and we just want to give back to them in every way we can. Welcome to the pack, we are thrilled to have you with us!

From our paws to yours,
APetsPlanet Family