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Absolutely perfect - Excellent fit 2020 STI

Perfect for our 2020 Subaru STI


I love it! Washes easy and is a nice additional to the backseat extender. I have a small Buick and everything still fits in the back for my lab! Worth every penny.

Cozy stylish bed

This bed looks so cute in my vehicle! I got it to protect my new car from scratches and dirt, it’s working so far!

Definitely a must have!

I purchased this back seat extender and it works perfect in the back seat of my jeep!!! I have a 2019 4 door Rubicon and this is PERFECT!!! highly recommend!!!!

Backseat Extender for Dogs - Grey with Door Covers
Great quality and design!

I’m very impressed with the quality and design of this backseat extender! I can’t wait to use it along with the blanket.

Backseat extender Dog Bed **PERFECT**

OMG this was the best purchase EVER! It's just what I needed for my backseat. My 70 pound lab no longer slides around in the seat, the bed stays in place with the grippy bottom and it's soft & cushy for him. Very well made. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!! Plus you can throw it in the washing machine when needed. It's perfect!!! I have a picture with my grandkids playing on it... my dog doesn't sit still very long for a picture but everyone (including the kids) love it :) Thank you!!!

Love it!

Well made, and perfect fit. Excellent investment.

Love this. Had a similar product that we got from a pet store…completely worth the upgrade.


This bed fits perfect and is so comfortable!! I hesitated buying a first because of the cost. I was just using rubber bottom bath mats before. This was a game changer. My dog seems so comfortable and sleeps on long car rides. It’s thick and plush and just seems to calm my dog when she rides in back. I haven’t washed it yet so I hope it stays as nice as it is right now. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

It arrived as promised and is awesome! My pup loves it and is so happy to be able to stretch out in the backseat now, in comfort and style!!

It’s fantastic!

We purchased the back seat extender and the dog bed and couldn’t be happier with it. It makes everything flat and sturdy and fills in the awkward gap between the backseat and the front seats. Our guy is happy and comfortable now. I just wish we would have found this years ago. I highly recommend. You will not be disappointed.

It fits perfect for my sedan, the dogs love it

I love it! It really makes more room for your dogs if you have a smaller sedan!

Plush dog bed

Perfect fit for the seat extender. Very soft yet bottom has no slip which helps not move around with 2 big labs. And WASHABLE… love it


I just got and installed this backseat extender and am blown away with the quality. So well made and fits my car perfectly. I have a 2016 kia Sorento and a 104 lb lab Doberman mix and he has plenty of room. Recommend 100%!

Loved it!

Bought this after seeing my dog sliding around and trying to get a grip on the backseat extender. It is soft, cute and fits perfectly. Bodie seems to think its comfortable and loves it!! ❤️

I love this !! So much better than the other flimsy ones I owned

Great product so far anxious to see how long it will last 😃

New Car Fave!

We love our new seat extender and so does our pup! Very satisfied with our purchase!

All things we were looking for!

Love it! We have two dogs, one being a black Labrador so we struggled with finding a seat cover that protected the seats and made him comfortable in the back! This works fantastic! It gives him plenty of room and it’ll make road trips so much easier!

Highly recommend!

I just bought this on a whim thinking it wouldn’t be as good as it claims, but I was wrong. It is by far the best out there for protecting your vehicle. Plus it kept all of my border collies fur contained in it, so when I removed it there was not one stray dog hair in site. Which was my biggest peeve with these things. Plus it fold up so easily to store away. Definitely a must buy

Love Itt

I have looked for something like this for years. It is perfect

5 stars

Love the seat extender and the plush bed. Fits perfect and give both dogs so much more room!

Backseat Extender and Deluxe Dog Bed

I purchased the backseat extender and deluxe dog bed. They both seem like quality products. I like the hard bottom on the extender, and it supports my two large dogs (90lb and 50lb) really well. I do think the zippers could be larger but I haven't had any issues with them working. The deluxe dog bed is nice but a little pricey.

Great backseat extender for large dogs. Had for a month, and dogs are more comfortable and safer.