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Deluxe Dog Bed - For The Backseat Extender

Deluxe Dog Bed - For The Backseat Extender

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🐾 Introducing our Deluxe Dog Beds for the Backseat Extender, from APetsPlanet, a caring family-owned brand! - where luxury meets practicality for your four-legged travel companion! 🐾 Crafted with care and packed with features!

🐾 Custom Fit for the Backseat Extenders - These dog beds are specially tailored for our Backseat Extenders! However, their versatility extends beyond that—they make excellent couch covers and are perfect for use as a traditional dog bed. Universally designed to meet your pup's needs, they're an essential accessory your dog won't want to part with!

🐾 Crafted with an Anti-Slip Bottom - Our dog beds offer luxurious plush comfort on top and anti-slip security on the bottom! They stay firmly in place, providing your pup with stability and relaxation they can count on!

🐾 Machine Washable for Easy Care - Our dog beds are designed for convenience with machine washable materials, making it a breeze to keep your pet's bed clean and fresh with minimal effort.

🐾 And the cherry on top? We proudly present our lifetime warranty! It's not just a purchase, it's an investment in a lifetime of tail-wagging adventures. Say goodbye to the hassle of replacements and hello to worry-free journeys. With our lifetime warranty, you'll never have to buy another one again! Your pup's comfort and joy are guaranteed for the long haul.

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Is it washable?

Yes! Simply machine wash on gentle/cold with mild detergent. For best results, hang dry or tumble dry on low heat."

Can I use it with my Backseat Extender?

Absolutely! We designed these dog beds specifically to pair with the Backseat Extender. They also work great as normal beds, and couch covers too!

Is it non-slip?

Sure is! The bottom of the dog beds are non-slip. They will stay in place, and prevent your pup from slipping on the Backseat Extender.

Is there a warranty?

Yes! We cover our products with a lifetime warranty. Any damage due to defects, will be covered for life!

Can I use it on it's own?

Yes! You can use it with or without the Backseat Extender. It works great for your back seats, the floor of the car, couches, and more!

What's your return policy?

We have a 30 day return policy! You can return any unused products for a refund within 30 days of the purchase date. Kindly email us at for return assistance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Perfect fit, soft, stays in place well and best of all it’s cute!

Kathy Bergman
Awesome blanket for extender

Absolutely love this pillow for the extender. Just took trip from Florida to Illinois and our dog was so comfortable. She could curl up and not have to worry about falling off seat. She’s a labrador that sheds. We just took the blanket out and shook it. And the extender keeps hair from the seat and floor. Greatest purchase - extremely pleased. And their personal customer service is top notch.

pat gifford
Deluxe dog bed for the backseat of vehicles

Excellent product, wish I had known about these years ago! Would recommend to anyone

Lisa Streeter
It Works!

It works great, the fit is good and it absorbs the water and mud! I used old blankets and towels before but those things always ended up in a big ball. I have 2 large dogs and with the dog bed that fits the extender, life is good!

Tatiana Cruz
Great product

We needed something non slip for the backseat extender, because dogs would slide around, and this cover is perfect 👌 Great fit, great look, pups are happy!